Tile Restoration

Victorian tiled paths and internal hallways often need restoration due to damage from general wear and tear after more than a century of constant use. The tiles are very resilient so it’s often a failure of the underlying base that leads to cracking and tiles being dislodged. Staining and discoloration of tiles is common due to many years of ingrained dirt, wax, moss, rust and other residue. Often the majority of the tiles are intact and only repairs to specific areas are needed. Sometimes a complete renovation is necessary, where the tiles are carefully removed and cleaned, the base reconstructed and  tiles  reinstalled. We offer an expert cleaning and restoration service for period tiles using proprietary cleaners to bring back their original lustre. Original features such as York stones, slate steps, daisy grates and rope edging can be sourced and expertly installed to complement any restoration project. We keep some antique tiles in stock, but often work with two well-established architectural reclamation firms: Lassco & the The Vintage Tile Company. They have a huge range of colours and shapes for vintage tiles.

Restoration of a damaged path
Cleaning the original tiles

Restoration projects:

  • Assessment and advice on repair
  • Structural repairs to the base layer (internal & external projects)
  • Sourcing tiles to match colour  & size for an existing pattern
  • Removal of surface layers
  • Fixing the tiled pattern
  • Re-grouting the floor
  • Deep cleaning Victorian floor tiles
  • Sealing and polishing

The Root of the Problem

restoration of an encaustic Victorian path in London - part 1

This path was severely damaged by a large root from a nearby tree growing underneath! The root was dug up and removed, a concrete base was then installed to replace the problem area. Matching original tiles to replace damaged or missing areas of the floor have been sourced. These are often hand-cut to size to fit within the existing pattern. …

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Complete Victorian Path Renovation

installing a front path - black and white

The path was cracked, with many tiles loose or missing. Tiles needed to be carefully removed, then the original base on which the tiles were fixed had to be completely taken out. Reclaimed barley twist path edging was sourced and fitted to complement the restored path as requested by the client. Box hedging will now be planted.

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Restoring Black & White Floors

restoration of a Victorian interior -black-and-white tiles

The interior geometric tiled hallway had areas missing that had to be matched and repaired. The entire floor was re-grouted and cleaned with a sequence of techniques to bring out the original vibrancy of the original Victorian floor.

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