Tile Designs

We have CAD (Computer Aided Design) artists who can create precision designs and custom layouts to visualise your project. Many of the traditional patterns we work with are beautifully ornate, sometimes using thousands of individual tile pieces. Creating a design layout means we can experiment with variations in the colour and pattern for the Victorian path or hallway.  Patterns can make a space feel larger! We can offer some advice based on your particular project. We often work with architects and landscape designers.

Black and white star tile design

There are many traditional patterns to choose from – you can choose adapt designs and colour ranges too. A classic design is the black & white 2 inch square tile pattern. There are many examples of complex repeating patterns with multiple colours, often using encaustic tiles with pattern motifs. Shapes can vary from rectangular, triangle variations, regular and extended hexagons. Original Style offer a subtle range of colours for new Victorian style tiles that are based on original imperial sizes. We source antique plain colour tiles to match existing geometric floors too. For restoration work, we advise using original antique tiles.

Octagon mosaic tile design

Design services:

  • Choosing tile designs to suit period homes
  • Design library of existing Victorian tile patterns
  • Creating a CAD layout of the tiled floor
  • Quantifying the tiles needed for the design, ready to order

Encaustic hall tile design

Brockley Victorian Tiled Floor

Hallway Floor

Elegant Original Style pattern for a modern update on a Victorian period property. Starting installation of the main tiled area. Finished floor from above. It includes encaustic pattern tiles from Original Style in the border.  

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Patterned Victorian Path Design

South East London Path Design

This project included new tiles from Original Style for all the plain tiles & antique patterned encaustic tiles for the motifs. The design is based on the local pattern used in the local streets in this area of South East London.

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Stunning Conservatory with Victorian Tiles

Our clients wanted a geometric floor in their new conservatory to complement the existing tiled hallway in their Edwardian home. We discussed designs and it was narrowed down to an octagonal tile feature for the main area, with a ‘ribbon’ motif for the border. We made a note of an original border in South East London. This provided inpiration to develop it …

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Braemar Garden Path Design

Victorian Tiled Front Path in Black and White - Braemar mosaic pattern

The first phase involved removing the existing surface, excavating a deeper trench and then creating a reinforced concrete base with a level screed on which to install the geometric tiles. The base structure of the steps to the door was also constructed. Original barley twist path edging was fitted, and York stones laid to run to the left of the …

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The Root of the Problem

restoration of an encaustic Victorian path in London - part 1

This path was severely damaged by a large root from a nearby tree growing underneath! The root was dug up and removed, a concrete base was then installed to replace the problem area. Matching original tiles to replace damaged or missing areas of the floor have been sourced. These are often hand-cut to size to fit within the existing pattern. …

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