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Geometric tiled floors are part of our heritage; they can transform the visual appeal of a period property, from the path entrance to the tiled interior floors. There is an enormous range of traditional Victorian & Edwardian designs to choose from, or you can also select from a range of shapes and colours to create a contemporary design. There are a number of manufacturers that supply quality reproductions of geometric tiles that can be used for both internal and external projects. London Victorian can fit any pattern requested by the client. We also offer a consultation and design service to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the geometric pattern, border and colour arrangement before installation begins.

Installation of a strengthened path base before tiling
New installation of a black and white path in London

The surface on which the tiles are to be installed often needs to be replaced or strengthened. For an interior project this usually involves securing existing boards, laying and fixing WBP plywood sheets of an appropriate thickness to strengthen the base. Exterior work will often require a cement sub-base strengthened with steel reinforcing mesh, and leveled with a screed. During installation tiles are carefully laid in a precise manner, using traditional techniques. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with the finished project.

Star design mosaic tiles to match existing pattern

External tiling projects:

  • Design consultancy and pattern layout
  • Removal of the existing path or window bay frontage
  • Laying a new concrete base reinforced with steel mesh
  • Installation of York stone steps and thresholds
  • Advice on walls, piers and cast iron railings
  • Fitting of rope-style edging tiles along the path edges
  • Offsite sheeting of individual tiles to a larger format
  • Fitting the new geometric tiled pattern

Internal tiling projects:

  • Design consultancy and pattern layout
  • Repair and removal of the existing internal flooring
  • Laying a strengthening layer of plywood boards
  • Offsite sheeting of individual tiles to a larger format
  • Fitting the new geometric tiled pattern
  • Protective sealing of tiles

Braemar Garden Path Design

Victorian Tiled Front Path in Black and White - Braemar mosaic pattern

The first phase involved removing the existing surface, excavating a deeper trench and then creating a reinforced concrete base with a level screed on which to install the geometric tiles. The base structure of the steps to the door was also constructed. Original barley twist path edging was fitted, and York stones laid to run to the left of the …

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